“Decaf & vegan-friendly, Milksta’s lactation drinks are a popular caffeine alternative for nursing moms!”


“You need to be the household name in this [industry].”

Dragon’s Den

“My absolute favourite product! It tastes delicious and two servings a day was a game changer for me. This product seriously has it all. And, tastes delicious.”

Meg Reburn

“Want to enjoy a coffee alternative that gives all the feels while still being breastfeeding supportive? My breastfeeding friendly favourites is Milksta.”

LA Lactation

“It allows mothers to indulge in the rich, full taste of a hot cup of “latte” without all the negative effects of regular coffee while enjoying its high antioxidant feature and using a Calorie-Free sweetener that would not spike blood sugar.”


“Moms rave about Milksta's taste and delivery on its milk-production claim. This is truly one potent cup of joe.”


"This coffee is so delicious you would never know it included amazing ingredients like spinach, carrots and dates. I have been producing almost 10oz more than my baby needs on a daily basis and I DO struggle with getting all the meals and nutrients I need in the day. I know that I am getting a drink full of great nutrients to help me stay the best I can be for my nursing little one and two toddlers who need all my energy and attention."

— Nyjats

“I pump exclusively. I was at the point of only producing 2-3 ounces at a time and it was becoming very frustrating even if I binge pumped or waited too long to pump... I had zero change in amount for several weeks. Two days after I started this drink I am pumping between 5-8 ounces per session!!!!... I don’t make a lot of reviews, but I was in need and this truly works.”

— Xeni

"Love this latte mix! I was missing coffee so much since getting pregnant and couldn’t find anything that was instant, decaf, has no added sugar and only has few healthy ingredients. Absolutely love the taste with just hot water. Just love drinking it since it’s yummy and healthy [...] I would so gladly buy to continue drinking it on a regular basis. Worth the money!"

— Laco