5 pillars of the milksta principle


passionate about the biological norm


Yes, we believe in natural breastfeeding as the biological norm and we'll never apologize for actively advocating its primacy. And all our decisions are molded by this belief.

From the breastfeeding-friendly products that we offer to our social media communications, everything must remain true to the biological norm. No ifs. No buts.


all-natural. all for you.


All-natural. If it’s anything but this, then it doesn’t go into any Milksta product.

Because we are firm believers in the biological norm, we also devote all our energies to ensuring our products are as natural as possible. We only use non-GMO, 3rd party-tested, and certified plant-based food ingredients.

Being free of artificial additives is another manifestation of our commitment to provide mothers and their babies only the best that nature gives.


your safety first and always


As much as we love nature, we recognize that not all its bounties are loved back by some mothers’ immune systems.

Hence, we ensure our ingredients don’t include any of the common allergens: no dairy, eggs, gluten, peanuts, fish, shellfish, nor sugar.

Plus, we monitor and check every batch of each ingredient, ensuring they all undergo individual testing before reaching our US FDA registered facility for production.


true to being pro-you


Pro-breastfeeding. Pro-baby. Pro-momma. And ultimately, pro-woman.

Standing up for the wellbeing and satisfaction of those who use (and are affected) by Milksta products means we not only talk the talk, but more importantly we walk the walk.

That’s why everything we do to promote lactation, motherhood, and women’s health in general, is backed by science. Our food scientists and nutritionists carefully pore over nature’s best milk supply-enhancing ingredients to ensure mommas can confidently breastfeed while enjoying a sip of their favorite brews.


creating the tastes of happiness


“Formulated with natural and organic lactogenic food ingredients to help boost breast milk supply and production” sounds great for mommas and babies . . . though we’d be the first to admit that it doesn't quite inspire images of enjoying a cup of java while taking in the majestic views from your balcony.

But trust us, from that first tentative sip to that where-have-you-been-all-my-life gulp, all Milksta products are brewed and blended to satisfy even the snobbiest of coffee (and tea) snobs.

All deliciously decaf. All Milkstamazingly luscious!