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Natural, decaf, and vegan lactogenic drinks especially made for nursing & pumping mommas.


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momma approved • vegan • dairy-free • sugar-free • backed by science • momma approved • vegan • dairy-free • sugar-free • backed by science • momma approved • vegan • dairy-free • sugar-free • backed by science • momma approved • vegan • dairy-free • sugar-free • backed by science • momma approved • vegan • dairy-free • sugar-free • backed by science •

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It’s vegan. It’s decaf. It’s creamy. It’s just what you need for a boobie milk-friendly boost whenever you want one.


ingredients your granny would approve of

Galactagogues are herbs, food, or medications that have long been used to promote healthy lactation. They’re considered nature’s best ingredients, that’s why along with other organic ingredients, they’re carefully crafted by our food scientists and nutritionists to ensure mommas can confidently breastfeed while enjoying a sip of their favorite brews.


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Breastfeeding mom creates a lactation decaf coffee to help mothers struggling with supply.
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Want to enjoy a coffee alternative that gives all the feels while still being breastfeeding supportive? My two breastfeeding friendly favorites are . . . and @milksta.
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Breastfeeding mother, fan and advocate combines her passion for coffee and struggles experienced while breastfeeding her son to create Milksta.
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This organic and vegan instant decaf latte tastes like the morning jolt you so dearly miss... Moms rave about Milksta's taste and delivery on its milk-production claim. This is truly one potent cup of joe.
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[Milksta] needs to be a household name in this!
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We would love to partner up with you!
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My absolute favourite product is Milksta decaf coffee blend. It tastes delicious and two servings a day was a game changer for me. Bonus, it also includes gluten free brewers yeast!
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Rachael Saunders

5/5 rating
This really works! So obviously I was skeptical about it actually working but man it is doing wonders! I have improved my water in take and have been pumping more! But if your dedicated to pumping defiantly get this!!!! It is great with creamer

purchased the Milksta Boobie Latte

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5/5 rating
I’ve been using this ever since I gave birth like almost 8 months ago. I’m happy cause it takes the Momma guilt out of me (I’m a coffee drinker) and that it works. I love the taste. Very much satisfied with Milksta. I’ve been ordering the tub but it’s still out of stock so I ordered these instead. I hope they’d make more tubs cause I badly need it as a breastfeeding supplement

purchased the Milksta Boobie Latte

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Sarah Thomas

5/5 rating
I have ordered 2 packs of this so far, and will keep ordering. I love the flavor, I enjoy having a latte-like drink so quick and easy to make, I like that it's low sugar, and it definitely works to improve supply! It's so hard to get proper nutrition when you have a newborn..... this helps supplement so my supply doesn't suffer if I skip a meal or only have time/energy for mac and cheese, ha! I'm definitely happy with this product.

purchased the Milksta Boobie Latte

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Johna Mclevain

5/5 rating
Love love love this product! They were perfect for my morning routine! Very quick and easy to mix. I added a splash of creamer and it tasted so good!!

purchased the Milksta Boobie Latte

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Audrey R.

5/5 rating
One of the best quality and tastiest dietary supplements I've ever ordered - I've been drinking it daily and my breastmilk is flowing easier, plus it is more exciting than my usual afternoon decaf instant coffee. Worth every penny - just ordered my second batch!

purchased the Milksta Boobie Latte

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5/5 rating
I don’t typically write reviews, but I HAD to write one for this because IT WORKS! My milk supply dropped drastically after i injured my wrist and had trouble holding my baby to breastfeed her. I was lucky if I could pump 4 oz. in the mornings. Today i pumped 8 oz!!! This tastes just like coffee and is so good! I just add a little coconut creamer for some extra sweetness and I can’t even tell the difference. It’s so good that I have one cup in the morning and one cup at night. It is absolutely worth the purchase!

purchased the Milksta Boobie Latte

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