brought to you by nature, backed by science

Mother Nature is the best pharmaceutical agent of modern medicine. And today’s medical sciences evolved from millennia of traditional treatments, like in Eastern cultures where herbal remedies have been the go-to medical solutions for centuries — including helping new mothers breastfeed. The most notable of these breastfeeding-friendly herbs and foods are galactagogues — substances that enhance breast milk supply . . . the same plant-based galactagogues that are formulated into all Milksta beverages!

we’re gaga over galactagogues

Derived from “galacta,” the Greek word for “milk,” Galactagogues are also called "lactogenic foods” due to their properties that aid mothers in increasing their milk supply. Galactagogues work by either mimicking hormones that stimulate the production of breastmilk or simply by providing the nutrients that boost lactation. At Milksta, we went through countless trials and errors until we finally arrived at the perfect blend of nutrition and deliciousness. Plant-based galactagogues are the crucial ingredients in every Milksta product. These “galactagoodies” include oats, nutritional/brewer's yeast, dates, papayas, carrots, spinach, sunflower and coconut oils, raspberry leaf tea, apricots, and moringa leaves.

5 lactation-boosting superfoods in every cup…

Milksta Lactation Brew is formulated with natural & organic lactogenic food ingredients to help boost breast milk supply & production. Moringa leaves, nutritional yeast, oat milks, dates, plant-based creamers, and stevia work together to help increase breast milk supply and production.

and here’s why we included each one of them:


Moringa is what makes Milksta a boon for breastfeeding mommas by increasing their milk supply, as evidenced by medical studies. Supplying calcium, alleviating fatigue, aiding blood clotting (for heavy bleeders after delivery), and helping ease the uterine sluggishness post-delivery are some of moringa’s pro-momma benefits!

gluten-free nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and high-quality protein. It's also vegan friendly, so it can give you access to B vitamins without any animal product involved!

oat milk

Many lactation consultants “prescribe” oatmeal to boost milk supply. And for good reason — oats have loads of iron to combat maternal anemia, which contributes to decreased milk supply. As a galactagogue, oat milk also helps in lowering cholesterol levels resulting in healthier mommas.


Sweet and super milk-boosting too! Dates improve potassium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, and Vitamin B6 levels in your body, as well as for your milk production. Dates are known to increase prolactin, which is an essential hormone that tells the body to produce more quality breast milk.

plant-based creamers

Is your baby lactose intolerant? Why take chances when you can take Milksta beverages that exclusively use plant-based creamers. Whether it’s sunflower or coconut oil, our non-dairy creamers provide the “good fats” that, in turn, make the fats in your breast milk healthier and better for your babies.