Mission and vision

Uplifting mommas’ wellness, nourishing children for success.


Milksta strives to empower 1 Million mothers to embrace their transformation into motherhood and encourage them to celebrate the natural, biological norms of being a momma. 


Committed to cultivating the highest degree of holistic wellness for mothers and their babies, we stand firmly against unnatural approaches and products (we’re talking to you, infant formulas).


We are firm advocates of breastfeeding. We are all for providing babies with what's best for them - just as nature intended it to be - and not the artificial, unhealthy breast milk substitutes manufactured by big corporations.


Like a mother’s never-ending love and care for her children, we will never stop innovating and creating what mommas need in order to give their kids what they deserve. 


#letitflow #mothernatureisqueen #mothersmatter