Breastfeeding is Hard but Beautiful (Honest Story of Momma Tatiana)

Breastfeeding is hard. Your breastfeeding journey can be one heck of a rollercoaster ride, especially with issues like clogged milk ducts, nipple soreness, low milk supply, fatigue, baby blues, and so many other problems that mommas could experience.

As a mom of two and a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, I could say from experience that breastfeeding could get horribly tough. Worse, it’s so easy for any mom to feel alone, frustrated, and even guilty for feeling the way they do. 

When your emotions are all over the place and your whole being is weary of everything that’s going on, it always helps to hear from someone who feels for you and understands you. So, today, my hope is that you’ll get a few good doses of joy from the story and tips of our featured mom.


Meet Momma Tatiana

Tatiana Pujol is one of my favorite fashion stylists and beauty enthusiasts. She’s the amazing woman behind We Shop in Heels, and she’s a proud mom of two lovely kiddies!

Just like most mommas, Tatiana has her share of breastfeeding frustrations, challenges, and joys. And as passionate as she is when it comes to fashion and glam, her motherhood journey didn’t always look as chic as some people might expect.


Why is breastfeeding so hard?

Tatiana breastfed both of her two daughters. When asked how her experience was like, her response was:


My first was really hard. I had a traumatic emergency C-section experience that affected my milk supply.


New to breastfeeding, Tatiana had no idea how hard nursing her first baby would be. She did receive help from the hospital she stayed in; she took classes about what to expect after birth and the common issues postpartum women might experience.

But, as helpful as these classes were, no amount of books and studies could’ve adequately prepared her for the new experience. Her first daughter had a poor latch, which made breastfeeding painful. Plus, feeding soon after a C-section was no easy feat.


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Tatiana’s experience reflects what breastfeeding in the early weeks is like for most moms: it’s hard, it hurts, and it could get traumatic.

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First-time moms are often surprised by the pain and discomfort. And if you yourself are experiencing excruciating pain, then you should consult your doctor or talk to a lactation consultant

Oftentimes, struggling with breastfeeding is linked with a baby having a poor latch. But here’s the thing: it’s rare for babies to come out latching perfectly! It takes a bit of time to get the hang of it, for both the mother and the baby.

Struggling with #breastfeeding is linked with a baby having a poor #latch. But here’s the thing: it’s rare for babies to come out latching perfectly!CLICK TO TWEET

Babies’ mouths differ in sizejust like how our momma boobies are in different sizes and shapes. So before you blame yourself and give up breastfeeding, do get into the root of the problem first with the help of trusted professionals.

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Does breastfeeding get easier?

Tatiana’s experience with her first baby helped her navigate her breastfeeding journey with her second child. Breastfeeding became easier in some ways. However, as expected, new challenges also came in.


With my second baby, the process has been much easier. However, the challenge is trying to balance the time with my baby and a very active toddler, but here I am again doing it.

One baby’s need for attention already seems to outmatch what’s humanly possible for a mom to give. Now, imagine having two or even more babies at the same time!

Finding a balance can be very difficult, especially if you’re away from your family or you need to immediately go back to work or do some stuff for your business after giving birth. Good thing Tatiana had some help from her family during the early days of her postpartum recovery and breastfeeding journey.


“It was hard to balance it out. Thankfully, I got the help of family who came to help us with the housework while we focus on taking care of our newborn. Those first weeks were rough, and we were so grateful to get help.”

Having a family member to help you out could make breastfeeding (and parenting) somewhat easier. However, I know that not everyone has trusted relatives living close by. If you resonate with this but you do need an extra hand, one option you may consider is to hire a helper or a postpartum doula.


Getting breastfeeding help

There’s absolutely no shame in needing breastfeeding help. Your body just created another human. You’re manufacturing your own milk. And now, you’re nurturing a precious one while recovering from your pregnancy and delivery.

The most obvious source of help for mommas is their partner. Don’t shy away from asking your partner to contribute to household work and to taking care of the kids. Remember: asking for help does not make you any less of a mother!

Asking for help does not make you any less of a motherCLICK TO TWEET

Additionally, just like Tatiana, you might also find value in asking help from your chosen hospital and a lactation consultant.


“I took classes at the hospital…. Also, I had a lactation consultation in the hospital with both babies who provided a lot of recommendations and tips. All this information definitely helped me to get through it.”


Dealing with breastfeeding shaming

We’re in an age where it’s so easy to shame a person for their choices, and moms are no exception. In the words of Tatiana, 


“Sadly, there will always be shame at any mom’s decision. I realize that the problem was not me. Instead, it was where the shame was coming from.

“Breastfeeding is not a part of my culture. Where I come from, most moms do not breastfeed because there is a lot of misinformation and not enough support. But once I learned about the benefits of gold milk passed to your baby, I want to do the best for them.”


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It helps to be educated about the benefits of breastfeeding to overcome shame. There will always be people who don’t believe in breastfeeding or who will ask you to keep it private.

Thankfully, there are also empowering mommas out there who can help you stand for your right to breastfeed and nourish your child the best way you know how.


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Making yourself a priority

We’ve already established that breastfeeding is hard. And if there’s one thing that could make it even harder, it’s failing to nurture yourself and focusing solely on nurturing your baby.

Many mommas forget this, but you’re actually more able to take care of your baby if you’re also well taken care of. Here’s what Tatiana has to say:


“Make your mental health a priority. If you choose to breastfeed, seek help and get support from people around you. It will get harder before it gets easier.”


Many mommas forget this, but you’re actually more able to take care of your baby if you’re also well taken care of.CLICK TO TWEET

Breastfeeding is hard, yes. But there are professionals, peers, momma communities, and even lactation products that could help you out.

If you loved Momma Tatiana’s tips, be sure to check her out on Instagram.

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